Emily hall - folie à deux

I can only say wow!! If there was a 6 Star category they would get it. They are 4 hrs away from where I live but I will make that drive again!!

Hall is an award-winning composer of classical music, who has had her pieces played by the Duke Quartet, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Brodsky Quartet, the London Sinfonietta, and the Philharmonia. She is seen as one of the leading composers of twenty-first century classical music by her contemporaries and utilises electronic sounds as well as antiquated instrumentation, so there is no doubt about the talent she possesses. Nevertheless, as I listen to Folie à Deux , it becomes increasingly difficult to remain focussed. There is no immediacy to the sounds that emit from the album and I am resigned to procrastination and Buzzfeed quizzes. Apparently, I can survive a day in the life of a house cat! I’ll add that to my resume, just under the useless information about my degree that has been taking up so much important white space.

"The piece is a collaboration with Icelandic writer and long-time Björk collaborator Sjón and was co-conceived as both concept album and an opera. Hall’s minimal and intricately crafted songs in this modern folk tale are woven together for two singers, Sofia Jernberg (Swedish vocalist) and Allan Clayton (British tenor), and a specially created electro-magnetic harp. This newly created instrument uses vibrating magnets to evoke an underlying electronic presence representing the pylon – the third character that presides over this story. The result is a hauntingly beautiful soundscape which takes its influences from many musical idioms ranging classical to jazz, pop and folk."

Emily Hall - Folie à DeuxEmily Hall - Folie à DeuxEmily Hall - Folie à DeuxEmily Hall - Folie à Deux